Amigos del Whistle

This design for a t-shirt is one of my last works. It was drawn for my friends of Amigos del Whistle a forum in Spanish devoted to the Irish tin whistle. My first idea was to drawn an illuminated A, and I think that the final result of two whsitles joint by celtic knotwork is very similar to a capital A.

Este diseño para una camiseta es uno de mis últimos trabajos. Fué dibujado para mis coleguitas de Amigos del Whistle un foro en español dedicado a hablar del tin whistle. Mi primera idea fue dibujar una A iluminada, y sigo pensando que el resultado final, dos whistles inclinados y unidos por entrelazos celtas, sigue pareciéndose mucho a una A.


  1. Good on you, man! I finally left dA, so looks like I'll be keeping up with your work here -- so keep updating, a chara!

  2. Fáilte my friend!
    dA is fine, I've met nice people there but now I'd like to try new ways to show my stuff. I'm writing a trad music blog here in blogspot and I feel fine, I think I can write about Celtic Art too and promote my artork and the beautiful stuff of some friends (I'm writing a post devoted to your An Bradán Feasa)...